Kratom Tea Brewed Fresh Daily!

At Speakeasy Kava, we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year (unless of course, there’s an emergency like a hurricane – we are located in Florida after all), and we serve kratom tea any time of day, seven days a week! If you’ve never heard of kratom, here’s a brief summary of it: Kratom tea is […]

Social Anxiety Disorder? Try A Kava Bar!

Living with social anxiety disorder means that most social settings are a nightmare for you.  It means you’re typically choosing a night at home with your favorite online streaming channel.  Social anxiety disorder makes ordinary activities that some people do with ease turn into chores for you. This can lead to depression and can manifest […]

An Herb to Help with Opiate Withdrawals?

An interesting article — written by Lauren Bradford recently came to our attention at Speakeasy Kava. Because we think that it’s a positive and helpful read for persons looking to learn more about the benefits of kratom, we’ve included the link to the article in this post.  Click here to read the full article. At Speakeasy […]